Hyosung / Daelim Parts


Looking for Hyosung / Daelim parts and accessories? I'm your direct source, right here in Korea -- the home of Hyosung and Daelim. I can find any part you need and will ship internationally.

NEW --> Really LOUD Horns - 105db!!! $25-$45
More accessories such as pillions, side bags and rear racks at HERE

Red Horn 105db - $25 Gold Horn 105db - $45 Red n White Horn 105db - $45

Need Parts? -->

I'm very sorry but I'm no longer able to find or ship parts. My appologies to all those who have inquired an not recieved a response. Best of luck in finding what you are after.

Greg S X-Hyosung & Daelim Parts Dealer

This web site doesn't look very official. Why is that?

I'm not an official Hyosung / Daelim parts distributor or wholesaler. I'm a 25 year old Canadian guy teaching English here in Korea (read the blog here). I ride a 250cc Hyosung Comet myself and fall more in love with it each day (read the review here).

I hang out with the mechanics at the local bike shop a lot, trying to talk shop in broken Korean while soaking up some mechanical skills. They give me good deals. I'll pass them on to you!