Hyosung / Daelim Accessories

This is only the start of what will hopefully become an extensive Hyosung / Dealim Accessories page. Click on the images for a larger view!

Side Bags, Pillions and Rear Racks

Bag1 - Lenght=37cm Heigh=24cm Depth=14.5 Bag4 - Lenght=13.5cm Heigh=29cm Depth=10
Bag2 - Lenght=23cm Heigh=26cm Depth=10.5 Bag3 - Lenght=36.5cm Heigh=27cm Depth=14
Pillion5 - Lenght=26cm Heigh=27cm Depth=38 Pillion5 - Lenght=26cm Heigh=27cm Depth=38
Pillion6 - Lenght=33cm Heigh=32cm Depth=48 Pillion6 - Lenght=33cm Heigh=32cm Depth=48
Rear Rack - Lenght=33cm Heigh=32cm Depth=48
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