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  • Summary
    250HyosungComet I guess I wasn't the only one hard up for information on the Hyosung 250 Comet when I bought it. "Hyosung Comet Review" searches in Google keep bringing searchers to this page. Having now owned my Hyosung 250s just over six months, I feel I am able to write a more comprehensive review. This review will be broken down into the following sections:

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    Overall Impression

    250HyosungComet Personal Background
    --Riding Style

    --Power / Acceleration / Top Speed

    250HyosungComet Conclusion

    Specifications / Fule Economy / Milage

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  • Overall Impressions
    250HyosungComet Overall, I have to say I am completely satisfied with the Hyosung Comet. It performs well for what it is... a 250cc naked bike. If you're expecting it to be on par with larger japanese bikes you'll be disappointed. This bike is ideal for everyday riding. It performs well in the city, on the open highway and even in the dirt! In short, I would recommend this bike to anyone looking for a cheap, good looking, comfortable and versatile bike.

    -Cheap: Around $2500 USD new (Here in Korea)
    -Fule Economy / Milage: The Comet has large 17L fule tank. I avearge 320km to a tank under mixed driving conditions and up to 340km per a tank on the highway. At around 300km I usually have to swith to 'Reserve' fule.
    -Good looks
    -Dirt cheap maintenance (Here in Korea)

    -It's only 250cc
    -Really lacks any noticeable power-band
    -The gearbox makes loud clunky sounds when shifting
    -Electrical is a little shoddy (could just be my bike)

    Personal Background
    250HyosungComet I've included this section because I feel it's important that you first understand the person writing this review. A persons age, experience and physical characteristics are all factors that undoubtedly bias a reviewers opinion. If you and I share many similar characteristics there's a good chance this review will be of more relevance to you.

    Born: 1981 (24 years old at the time of writing)
    Height: 6'4" / 193cm (Hence... tall, especially for asian bikes!)
    Weight: 202lbs / 92kg
    Experience: 6 years of year round riding / approximately 60,000km exp
    Bike History: 1984 Suzuki GS 550 (Sept. 2000 - Sept. 2003)
    2004 Suzuki DRZ 400s (Jan. 2004 - July 2005)
    2001 Hyosung 250s Comet (Oct. 2005 - Present)

    Riding Style:
    250HyosungComet I ride this bike like it's stolen. It was cheep, it was used, and parts and maintenance cost close to nothing here. In the past I was my own mechanic but here in Korea I don't have the luxury of having my tools. My alternator has been shot for the past 6 months so every time I go riding I jump on, run, pop into second and ride away. These cold starts in -10* couldn't have been good for the engine. Still suffering from the loss of my Suzuki DRZ 400s dual-sport, I occasionally try to fill the void by venturing off road with my Comet. So far my buddies on dirt bikes have had trouble keeping up with me in the dirt. As soon as they have more than a few months riding experience I know this will change. What all this boils down too is the fact I am extremely hard on my bike. Surprisingly, I have had no major problems.

    250HyosungComet Looks
    The 250 Comet looks good - click here to see for yourself! The big round headlight nested into the copper shocks gives the bike a more bad boy, curser style look from the front. From the back and sides, she exudes more of a sport bike appearance. The silver cargo rack that came with the bike defiantly detracts from it's overall appearance... I can tell I'm getting old when practicality begins to out way what we in the army liked to call the LCF "look cool factor". The bikes best feature is its sleekly styled, oversized fuel tank and big, deep saddle.

    250HyosungComet Once again, if you're looking to buy this bike you'll have to seriously consider what riding expectations you have. Forget doing any wheel-ies or burn-outs right now. I seem to have done things bass-ackwards in my biking career. I learned on a 550cc, then stepped down to a 400cc and now find myself riding my smallest bike ever. I don't notice the lack of CCs at top speed, as none of my previous bikes were really capable of going that fast, but rather a lack of acceleration and power. But I really can't dwell on this too much as it's not like Hysoung is trying to conceal the fact the Comet is 250cc. Whenever I feel down about my bike being underpowered I just jump on my buddies 125 RXR for an hour and my bike feels like an 1100 CBR after.

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