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250HyosungComet Power / Acceleration / Top Speed
Power: I notice a slight power loss while carrying a passenger but nothing too significant. I can maintain a constant speed up hills but there is nothing left to provide that extra boost you want sometimes.

Acceleration: Acceleration leaves something to be desired. It's perfectly fine for day to day driving but I'd like to at least be able to get my front tire of the ground.

Top Speed: I top out around 150km/h but you wouldn't want to maintain this speed for any length of time. I average 110 or so on the highways.

250HyosungComet The bike handles nicely. The seat is cut in such a way that it lures me into shifting my wight in the corners, even if totally unnecessary, because it make me feel like a racer. As for the shocks, they are a little spongy for my liking. As mentioned earlier, I ride this bike pretty hard so it isn't uncommon for me to ground out now and then on speed humps and off road.

250HyosungComet Comfort
The Comet is the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden. The seat is cut perfectly. I feel as though I am getting into the bike when I mount it because the seat is so deep. The tank is also positioned in such a way that it is comfortable to lean on and my long legs wrap comfortably around it. My only complaint would be that the bike isn't taller, my legs feel cramped after a half hour and my feet hang down so far off my pegs that I sometimes scrape my toes in the corners. The raised passenger seat is nowhere near as comfortable as the driver seat but I usually consider a little passenger discomfort a good thing.

250HyosungComet While the Hyosung Comet doesn't scream high quality craftsmanship it also doesn't look like it came from IKEA. I appreciate the simplicity of the bike and the fact that almost everything is accessible without special tools. The bike also made me appreciate what a feat of engineering my old Suzuki DRZ was. Japanese bike manufactures just package their bikes a little tighter, neater and cleaner while paying more attention to overall detail in my opinion.

Since I have owned the bike I've lost the alternator, speedometer and odometer. I'm suspect the alternator problem already existed when I purchased the bike and the salesman just charged up the battery prior to my test drive. The rear break disk is getting badly worn, why I'm not entirely sure, so the whole assembly will need replacing once the disc is on the verge of collapse.

I've been having some electrical problems in addition to the alternator. It seems if my rear running light is working than my front signals aren't and vice versa. Every-time I go to the shop to get the one fixed the other fails.

Maintenance is really cheep here in Korea, an oil change with filter runs around $10. A new battery cost me $40 and the shop estimated it would cost around $80 to replace my rear break assembly. A punctured tire only cost me $5 to have repaired. Very clearly, parts and labour are not a big issue here. Besides the day to day things like oil and flats I haven't had any major maintenance costs.

250HyosungComet Conclusion
Overall, I have to say I am completely satisfied with the Comet. It performs well for what it is... a 250cc naked sport bike. If you're expecting it to be on par with larger japanese bikes you'll be disappointed. This bike is ideal for everyday riding. It performs well in the city, on the open highway and even in the dirt! In short, I would recommend this bike to anyone looking for a cheap, good looking, comfortable and versatile bike.

Should you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to ask. If this review was helpful or could be improved upon let me know.


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  • Specifications / Fule Economy / Milage
    Specs courtesy of



    Dimension and
    Dry Mass

    Overall Length (mm)


    Overall Width (mm)


    Overall Height (mm)


    Ground Clearance (mm)


    Dry Mass (kg)


    Wheel Base (mm)


    Seat Height (mm)


    Frame Type

    Double Cradle



    4-stroke, oil cooled DOHC 8-valve,
    V-twin (75 degrees)

    Piston Displacement (cc)


    Number Of Cylinder




    Start System



    Fuel Tank (l) / Reserve


    Fule Economy / Milage

    Approximately 320km per tank
    (under normal driving conditions)
    Usually switch to 'Reserve' at 300km

    Approximately 340km per tank (highway driving)
    Usually switch to 'Reserve' at 320km



    Wet Multi-Plate Type

    Gear Shift Pattern

    1-down 4-up


    Front Tire

    110/70-17 54H

    Rear Tire

    150/70-17 69H

    Front Suspension

    Telescopic, Oil Dampened

    Rear Suspension

    Swing Arm

    Caster (degrees)


    Front Brake


    Rear Brake



    Ignition Type


    Generator (W)


    Battery Capacity (V/ah)


    The above specifications are subject to change without notice.